Differential Repair in New City

Professional Care Auto Repair, Inc. is the leading differential repair garage in New City. Our award-winning service comprises of unrivalled skill and workmanship combined with a customer-centered approach that will not be beaten. Our competitive prices and flexible payment options also mean that we can offer much more than the average garage. The differential is a very important part of your car and without it your car will not be able to function to its optimal level. Don’t cut corners with something as important as this. Contact the team that New City trusts today.

Top of the Range Equipment

For us second place is not an option. That is why when it comes to providing the best differential repair service possible for our New City customers we will never take shortcuts. This means investing in regular training of our repair technicians so that they are experienced at using the latest repair techniques proficiently. This is achieved by making it mandatory for all of our mechanics and repair staff to attend quarterly programs, seminars and courses of online study.

Providing the number one differential repair service also means ensuring that our technicians have access to the most cutting-edge equipment and advanced tools and materials. In an ever-changing market it is easy to fall behind so we work hard every day to ensure that we uphold our reputation for excellence to stay ahead of the rest.

Why is the Differential so Important?

The differential is crucial in any vehicle for a number of reasons. First, it is the component that is responsible for transferring engine power to your vehicle’s wheels so without it your vehicle would be going nowhere fast.

On top of that, the differential is what ensures that your vehicle takes corners and turns smoothly. The differential adjusts your vehicle to the different distances that outside and inside wheels take turns at, so as to guarantee that a Sunday drive in the countryside doesn’t end in disaster! In any turn the inside wheel must turn more slowly than the outside wheel as it has a smaller distance to travel. The differential allows the wheels on a vehicle to turn at different speeds while maintaining full control.

Vehicles with four-wheel drive are equipped with a differential in the front and back of the vehicle. While all-wheel drives come with a differential between both the front and rear set of wheels and a transfer case between them.

Signs of Differential Damage

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is a four-wheel drive or a regular hatchback, over time wear and tear can damage the differential. Noise coming from the differential is a sign that something is wrong and may be caused by insufficient fluid or lubricant or work out gears or bearings. It is important that if you notice a problem with your differential that you have the problem sorted as soon as possible.